Looking for another way to think about about my sister

Hi coaches,

Right now I have a thought about my sister which makes me feel terrible.
It hinders me from sleeping, being effective at work and I even catch myself buffering with food.

Here is my Model:
C: my sister talks with other people about my coaching Business and about my persona. She does not talk to me though (I asked her to talk to me, she refused)
T: „The way she talks about me and my Business is so negative and scornful. what makes her so angry? I am honestly shocked by her words and her attitude (Talking behind my back, not talking to me)
F: Very hurt, Even depressed.
A: Can’t sleep, can’t work. Buffer eating.
R: damaging myself mentally and physically, no results in my Coaching Business

The result I like to have:
R: respecting and honoring myself and my business, doing the work necessary
A: Working on my Business. Eating in line with my protocol.
E: motivated, Energized, driven (instead of depressed and wanting to hide under a blanket soothing myself with chocolate.)
I love what I do. Whatever my sister thinks, feels and says about me and my business- it’s her reality, not mine.

(Thought is believable to me but does not seem to work emotionally, the pain remains…)

Coaches, I know, I have a manual here. I am telling myself: my sister is allowed to think and feel whatever she wants about me and my Business. I am also trying to have compassion for her. We have always loved each other so much. This Love is strong and will remain. Maybe, everything she says comes from a place of Love.

But still, it hurts so much!

I Need to find a goal thought and maybe some ladder thoughts to deal with these feelings of depression. There are Professional Deadlines I have to meet and I am getting myself in trouble with this depressed inaction.

Thanks so much!