loose skin body image

Today’s model:
– C: touch my belly, I find it more muscular less fatty, with loose skin (I know this is a thought but I choose to play this way)

model 1
– T: My loose skin reflects choices I made in the past that create this permanent trace on me. If I didn’t make certain choices my body would be different now
– F: regret
– A: beat myself up
– R: I make the permanent choice to spend this time beating myself up. This time that I can’t get back in the future

model 2
– T: I can’t undo these physical changes and the potential me without loose skin remains unaccessible no matter what I do
– F: hopeless
– A: autocommiserate myself
– R: the evolved version of me I desire remains unaccessible

model 3
– T: Other people can change their body fully, just with intention, and erase the signs of past bad choices from their bodies. It is not fair that I cannot.
– F: victim
– T: I earned the right to hate myself
– A: seek revenge = do things that give me the impression to win over this unfair reality, like procrastinate, avoid the hard things, eat out of protocol, buffer with youtube, crush blackheads
– R: I am victim of my own behaviours

The following are some thoughts I explore as intentional. On the side I rate how in percentage they feel helpful (100% totally believable and helpful, give me an emotional switch):
– Hopeless can be felt – 60%
– everybody feels hopeless sometimes – 60%
– other people are feeling hopeless now – 60%
– I give myself permission to feel hopeless -70 %
– I don’t deserve to be victim of my own self – 50%
– there might be people that like my new body better than its old version -75%
– I don’t need to touch my belly and bring up these thoughts – 40%
It would be very helpful to receive your feedback on this and maybe some suggestion for thoughts to practice, thanks a lot