Losing Interest in Meal Half Way Through

I have a habit of not being hungry or interested in my meal, after eating half. I am curious as to if I should plan for that or to take other steps. I know my dinners I eat the whole thing. But, the first out of my 2 meals, I will sometimes get the feeling that I am so full and have zero desire to stuff my face. I will eat it later when I get hungry, because I know I actually need the fuel.

I am curious if this is a thing I should watch. Or if it is something where my body has a strong signal for being done when it is done, and I will make myself sick trying to finish it. And it is good that I get that signal. Not a big deal. Carry on. An example is my salad today. I just got an overwhelming feeling of done and no interest of it being in my presence. So I stopped eating and set the salad on the counter.