Losing Interest in People

I am finding as I grow and learn, I prefer to not be around people for long lengths of time. Truly, I sometimes feel I just don’t like people. Or rather, there are not very many people I like. There are some and they are my core group. Whether it is family or friends, I want to feel comfortable to pick and choose the when, where, why, and with whom, always.

I go by my own beat often and not “with the crowd.” It mostly feels best to be by myself and experience everything I want to, with myself. Most recently, being with my husband’s family for Christmas Eve, felt like a place I don’t want to be in the future.

Every year is not looked forward to and not enjoyed, as much as I mentally prepare to go with grace. So, I feel, for my future, I would prefer to just travel and not be with anyone during holiday time. I love being selfish and taking care of myself.

When we feel strongly about our self-care, is our selfishness hurting others, or is that not to be a concern? I want to be free of wondering how others feel about my personal decisions.