Losing It All Again

I am a scholar for ten months and have lost 35 pounds with Brooke’s Stop Overeating program.

Over the last two months with many exceptions, while I thought I was “cured” forever, I allowed exceptions more often go unmanaged and gained almost all the weight back. Mind you, it took six months to lose and less than two months to gain it back. Math, right?

I am now back on the horse of careful planning and food plan with really clean lines of what I allow and what I don’t.

I am more aware of what threw me off my plan two months ago (it was my first vacation as a skinny person and I didn’t think I should be eating the same way on my vacation), but what I also decided to do for myself this time is this:

When I lost all the extra weight on my first attempt, I became very lean and in clothes looked really good and got compliments left and right.
But since I did not incorporate exercise, I did not look like a front cover model without clothes, if you know what I mean.

So I decided that this second time around I will do it a bit differently and since I have the knowledge and experience, I can now layer it with some daily walks or even 10 minutes a day light weight lifting.

I noticed that it takes my body time to lose weight again and it resists it.
But I am in no hurry to lose the weight again.
I gained so much knowledge and while my blood tests might show that I am less healthy now, I am going all in on myself.
Who knows, I might just love the way I look when I get there.

Thank you!