Losing it. Literally.

Hi Brooke! Thank you so much for all you do. Every podcast has resonated with me totally and because it is so well explained and practical the concepts have informed the way I approach life.

I have been separated for over a year and the divorce process is now going to begin. There have been lots of challenges involved in daily life, being responsible for covering the family expenses on my own, and just generally moving forward but so far it has been ok.

On and off during this transition time and definitely in this current stage, I have noticed myself having periods of feeling paralysed and acting really slow, Activities that normally would probably be pretty easy for me (I am normally what I would consider a very decisive, active person) seem suspended in time or in slow motion. I’ve changed my work habits, delegating much more, in some ways this has been really good but in some ways it is affecting my business not for the good, especially in the last few weeks.

I have been very slowly working on my my goal, decluttering papers and photos in my house. My house is not cluttered in general but I had a lot of papers stuck in drawers and seeing each paper (moving so slow that it has taken days to work on a few drawers and file cabinets!) has brought up thoughts/memories I think I had probably been blocking, but I am committed to doing this and have been moving forward.

The question: I have in a period of a week lost two different sets of papers I was supposed to give the lawyer and an ipad! This has started what I know is a huge thought loop and a search process that is interfering with my work, and well being/self care as well as this goal.
I know these can’t be the only sets of these papers in the world and I don’t even need an iPad. I realize that my anxiety filled thoughts are creating the feelings that are making me look over and over in the same places. This is such badly used time and I get that this is probably a form of blocking! But I keep thinking I need to try one more time! Is there a practical way to put an end to this loop of looking and to return to something more similar to my normal decisive, clear headed self?