Losing it with a strong willed angry teenager daughter

My 14-year-old daughter came from school today and once she entered the car she kept screaming at us all saying that her brother should take his tutoring session before her. They get a tutor at home who gives them both. Claiming she has a lot of work and she is stressed. She was being too aggressive and yelling continuously. I tried to calm her down a couple of times she wouldn’t listen. She bit her younger 12-year-old brother and his hand swelled and turned black. I lost my mind and asked her to get out of the car. It was a short distance from home she could walk. I wanted her to understand I do not accept her behavior. She wouldn’t listen and kept disrespecting us and being me. Anger rose through my body, and sadly I hit her. I pulled her hair and slapped her while screaming insults. What can I do now to help her and myself?