Losing weight while traveling? (Insight needed!)

Hi Brooke,
I joined in November and watched all the overeating and some of the overdrinking videos and finally feel like I will solve this 20+year “problem” (being overweight although “knowing it all” ….) – the though work has been the missing link. I do models nearly every day (on other things besides weight loss, also) and it blows my mind). I practice my protocol now for 2 weeks and lost 3 pounds (well, not the worls, but a beginning). My impossible goal is losing 35kg (ca 70lbs) until Dec 31, 2018 while feeling happy and free.
I need your advice on the following: We (husband and I) are frequently invited to dinner parties or business events that include dinner. I have no issue at all with alcohol, but I have no idea yet, how I can stay with my protocol without having to give up my social life. Plus, we will be traveling for 3 weeks around christmas in a foreign country which also makes it hard to plan ahead (it will be a somewhat adventurous trip, without much planning ahead – we won’t know where to stay at night or what restaurant might show up).
Any suggestions?
Thank you!