Losing weight when breastfeeding

Here is my little blurr …
I am 150lbs now. I want to be 120. I am 5’4″
I had my first baby in 10/15. Breastfed for 18 months. I felt like i couldnt lose weight because my supply would go down. Needed carbs. I was 174 lbs the heaviest w pregnancies.
I got pregnant right when i stopped breastfeeding and had my second baby in 12/17. He is almost 9 months now. Still breastfeeding. And ive lost about 15 lbs w intermittent fasting, eating healthy, trying to excercise. But it seems stuborn now.
I am wondering if i just need to stop breastfeeding, goal is at 1 year, to really shed the lbs…or if possible to lose weight now?? Thnx