Loss & the manual


I have been working on letting go of the manual I had for my husband. I realize now that we had basically the same argument over and over again when we were dating and then married around my manual for him to do thoughtful things for me. I wish I would have known about the manual way back then. Anyway, is it normal to feel some sense of loss when letting of of the manual for your spouse? I sort of get sad when I think about letting go of the expectation of having him be the person that does those thoughtful gestures. Feels like loss in some way. Is this normal? I am hyper focused on all the amazing things he does for me and our family, but the sadness is there in the background. Its like the knowing that I will never have that? I noticed when I watched your behind the scenes video that came up when you were talking about how Chris will just randomly hug you in the middle of the day…….I will run some models on it, just wondered if if was part of the process…..Thank you 🙂