Lost a 2nd client in a year

I had a coaching call go a bit south last week and I offered a free private with my mindset coach because I knew it went south. Today she texted and said she felt I was berating her on the group call and she wants a refund, which I gladly gave and apologized because I don’t want anyone to feel bad or attacked.

I feel bad about this. I knew after I was done coaching her that it didn’t go the way I wanted and that’s why I offered a free private. I had a feeling she’d cancel as well. Regardless, now that this has come to fruition I feel really bad about it. Like I am a bad coach.  I made a mistake, and no one likes to make a mistake. I know these things will happen (I wish successful coaches would talk about this more) but how do I bounce back fast?

I actually think my coaching was spot on and she just didn’t want to hear it but I’m sure there is a gentler way I could go about this stuff I’m learning.  I hate losing $$ and clients but I want them to WIN so I go all out. I just want to know how I can bounce back the fastest from this. I’m in the process of feeling the discomfort of it all. Advice appreciated.