Lost belief

I’ve noticed I’ve slowly been losing belief in my ability to be happy in my life and business.

None of the things I used to look forward to interest me anymore. I don’t believe I’m depressed, but I am not sure what has happened. I have had times like this in the past and coaching has really helped me through it, but I just don’t seem to want to try this time.

I’ve tried using this as a circumstance to understand it a bit more…
C- I am having thoughts that I am unhappy in life right now
T- “It is too hard to pull myself out of this again,” and, “it’s not worth the effort to try again.”
F- sadness
A- cry, ruminate, don’t put much effort into work or my business or family
R- nothing changes

I guess I have to look at the thoughts and move closer to something like “It’s possible the effort will be worth it,” or “maybe if I try it will get better.”

I’m wondering if there are any other ways to look at this that could help me find a way in.