Lost job

I am having a hard time right now and I’m not sure what to do going forward.

I am self employed and was just let go by my client. It was unexpected and I am devastated because I’ve worked as a VA for this client for over a year. We were friends.

I have a separate business that I’ve been working very hard on but unfortunately it doesn’t bring in enough to cover my bills and expenses. I have zero savings/checking. I have loans. I’m scared, angry, and sad.

I tried to get the job back but it doesn’t look like that’s happening. My only option now is to make my business work. But I’ve been trying to make it work all year. I’ve had my business almost 4 years but started going all in this year. I even invested in a business coaching program for the first time….but it still hasn’t taken off. I want my business to work so bad and now that it has to work this month just makes me even more scared.