Lots of ah ha moments this week

Last month I asked you a question about “Neutrality”. I wanted to let you know that I found my answer by listening to the calls this month. You talked about it in a much clearer way and framed it as, “At what point am I tolerating my thoughts to remain happy?” Your explanation on that call was perfect, and I wrote down copious notes about it.

This week has been huge for me, and I’m trying to ride the momentum forward. I’ve had a bunch of break through moments back to back to back. I’ve filled pages of my notebook doing thought downloads on various topics I keep going up against in my mind, and asking myself… where are the thought errors? Now I know I need to tackle each topic one at a time to un-nest the chaos and find the root idea.

Listening to the calls today, I heard a lot of great things I can learn from. The Jennifers who spoke sparked things in my mind I didn’t even know I also struggling with about wanting to change people. AWESOME! Take that monkey off my back!

One of the things I have struggled with is this desire to know what other people think to help me figure out what I want out of my life, and make sure I’m doing the best possible option to become the person I want to become. I’ve spent years turning to other people for their opinion to get validation and approval I’m on the right path. Unbelievable. Now I know that I need to decide what the path I want to be on, so I can measure those things for myself. As Oprah would say, “ah ha!!!!!”