Lots of Feels Around a Couch Being Out of Stock

So, here is the scoop. My husband and I have been looking for a perfect loveseat couch for our room to work and relax in. ( I have been working on the floor for months!) We finally found a perfect couch for a great price. In the morning I showed my husband a picture of it online to see if he likes it. By the afternoon he went over to my friend’s house who has the same couch to try it out and when he came home we went to buy it and it was gone! No more in stock! Ahhhhhh!!!!! The feelings I felt here are my most uncomfortable and most dreaded emotions and I would love to go deeper in trying to find a different way to react and think when something doesn’t go my way. The couch represented every time I feel out of control of something. It kills me!!

C: Yellow couch is suddenly out of stock
T: Noooooo!!! But we just saw it available 3 hours ago! I can’t believe it!!!
F: Devastated
A: Not letting go. Checking the site a million times to see if the couch came back in stock . Experiencing so many different uncomfortable and horrible emotions of : out of control, unsuccessful , devastation ( and judging myself for being so dramatic over a couch 🙂 )
R: Being stuck and not looking for the next option. Still working on the floor!!

Other thought options I have been playing around with are:
1. It wasn’t meant to be since it didn’t happen.

2.If I felt like this was a perfect couch for us and I just discovered a few hours ago there must be another perfect couch out there.

3.Now we know what we want more clearly and we can go after it!

All these new thoughts feel believable and make me feel either calm, at peace or even excited but I was just wondering if you would offer another thought, question or idea to help me move forward gracefully to the other side next time? 🙂 Thank you!