Lots of goals

As I am learning more how to manage my time and have less mental drama about work, I’m finding myself asking myself if this is really how I want to be spending my time. I listened to Stacey’s belief plan episode and felt really inspired and remembered all of the goals I’d not been focusing on recently.

My question is about focusing and constraining on one goal. Like I want to pay off debt, and save for Coach certification training, and I feel like I can’t save until I pay off debt. And I want to eventually work for LCS and I want to design websites for coaches and I’m like there’s only 5 months left of the year, my impossible goal was to pay off 36k in debt by EOY.

Another coach advised that I make my goal more “realistic” and I feel like I’m spinning. I know focusing on time management will serve me in my ability to make/save money but I do feel a sense of urgency because I’m thinking I want to be further along than I am and I have a lot of goals and I’ve been indulging in my wubbie story about my career and there’s only 5 months left.