Lots of Projects – Snowball Approach or Attack All at Once?

Hi coaches! I have bunches of tasks and projects – some small (we moved late last year, still need to hang up curtains/shades so the neighbors stop seeing everything – 3 to 5 hours) or large (learning and setting up QuickBooks for a client – 20+ hours).

Should I take the Dave Ramsey Snowball approach (take care of the little projects first and then attack the large projects)
or should I plan time on the calendar time equally for all of them and then as the little ones get done replace that time with the large tasks, so the larger tasks get more and more time?

My thoughts and feelings are that if I keep doing little projects then the large projects just aren’t getting done and there is no action and no results. However, when trying to do multiple projects at once, it can get a bit overwhelming at the slow rate of progress. Thanks for your guidance!