Lots of thought work to stay positive

Hi Brooke
I think it was in the most recent podcast episode where you mentioned being in a job that’s not the right fit because of having to do so much thought work just to stay positive and about how that’s so exhausting.

I’m basically there right now. How do I know if the job is not a good fit or if I’m just not doing enough thought work? also I understand not wanting to change jobs out of fear because I’ll just be changing the circumstance and not the T but how do I get to a place that feels good if it’s not a good fit so I can move on from a clean and clear place?

I understand the model but also I guess I don’t because I almost just wrote that my job makes me have very painful thoughts about myself (I hate myself what is wrong with me etc) which I know isn’t true intellectually.

I guess I just have to keep doing the work.