Loud Parenting

Hi. Yesterday while I got stuck inside a closed in a huge mess of things and was trying to clean it out really fast my 1 and 3 year old kept standing at the door and pushing each other out. They grandparents were trying poorly to move them away and I just started yelling at the boys to get out. My 3 year old had tears in his eyes and the little man was scared. My in-laws grab the little one and went upstairs to play. I do this sometimes. Maybe once in 2 months and I hate it. I don’t like to be yelled at and I hate yelling at people. With kids only time I approve of it is if someone will hurt someone. But usually I yell when I am trying to do something and they are not cooperating at all and then extra people add oil to the fire by trying to “help” but are actually only getting in the way. I am just looking for an insight to help.me parent better. Here is my present model:

C – Cleaning closet or trying to get ready to leave with kids
T – STOP DOING THAT or do that
F – Helpless powerless
A – Yell
R – Scared kids and I feel awful too

My 3 year old will sometimes yell at his brother and I realise that he might be picking it up from me. I just want to be a good role model for my kids and a calm mommy