Lovability and Relationship Patterns with Men

I am looking at my patterns in relationships and interactions with men. I can clearly see that I am attracted to men who replicate my relationship with my father, soon-to-be- ex husband, and my brothers. They are “inconsistent” in their attention and communication. I feel like I am always puzzled about the status of our relationships and how they feel about me. They run hot and cold (one day – multiple communications about how wonderful I am and then nothing for days). I know that I really don’t know their feelings/thoughts/motivation and that “inconsistent” is my own thought. I do models and am becoming more aware but I am still drawn to these men and spend too much time thinking about the relationships and what their actions mean. I want to move beyond this pattern. I feel like it’s all connected to my belief that I am not lovable (enough) so I need to analyze the “why” when they don’t call and that takes me to the “what’s wrong with me?” place. Where should I go from here?