I just feel like people won’t take me seriously because of where I live (my country). That people don’t really love me.

My thought is people don’t really love me unless I have achievements or unless I do something amazing. I don’t know. I am tying my loveability as a person with the money I make, how successful I am in my business, how attractive I look, where I live, successes that I have.

I am 19. I just feel so unloved right now. Even though I know all of those things have nothing to do with my lovebility as a person, I do feel like people have judgements about other person based on all of those criterias.

Circumstances is: How my parents praise when I do great and then don’t feel supported when I fail and make mistakes
When people don’t want to work in my business
When there is no one to support you when business doesn’t go well.
When I sent connection request to few people and they don’t accept my request based on my profile.
When people don’t want to work with me because of where I live.
That there are not many guys who truly love me for who I am. If I was not attractive, very few guys would have loved me.

I feel so emotional right now.