I love your pieces on “love”. Because it takes us out of victimhood to ownership. If I make the choice to love myself 100% and I choose to love my partner 100% – then there’s love everywhere. I’m loved and I love you. You don’t love me? That’s certainly your choice. Nothing to do with me. I still love you. I still love me. You not loving me has to do with you. Not with me.

That realization has been so huge for me – because it’s let me love my Mom just the way she is. It’s let me love my partner just the way he is. It lets me love anyone I choose to love – just the way they are. (I weirdly find myself loving crazy drivers on the Dallas roads every so often … thinking “It’s you and me in this together – so let me slow down a bit so you can get to where you need to go! Wishing you much love!”) That’s REALLY taken the pressure off of expectations and giving love to get love. Now that I’m full of (maybe WAY too much) love – I’m no longer searching for it or desperate for it in friendships, family, or relationships. I give me plenty, I give you plenty – and whatever happens is all good. You don’t have any love to give back? No worries. I’ve got MORE than enough for me – and here’s some for you, too!

What I’ve found doing this… I no longer attract “needy” people because of my own “neediness” in the love department. I’ve found that my relationships with my family and partner are deeper. And my relationship with myself is off the chain! All because I stopped looking for something that I can already create and choose to feel anytime I want. Who needs to go making deals to get love when you’ve got an endless supply inside. 🙂

Just wanted to share that I loved your teaching on love! 🙂