So i’m doing the homework right now and loving it!!
just some thoughts that pop up in my brain

so in the emotion book brooke tells us in order to generate a feeling we should think of following questions:
how do i think`?
how do i act?
what do i look like?
what do i say?

and we should also imagine ourselves playing in a movie.
here comes the thing i did that and i feel bad because i imagine what i could have and i don’t have .
also playing/Acting is not true thats why its called acting right?
thats the biggest thought driving around my brain. But just concerning love..

like i just watched an episode of a series where the girl said to her ex boyfriend while enganged to another man:
no one ever wrote about boring, normal and happy relationship (like she does have we her fiance)
it is supposed to be strong and passionate and just to feel torn to each other.
and i feel like this movie/Tv love is stuck in my brain causing me negative thoughts.
cause my relationship is awesome. too perfect and normal. so my brain goes out searching for this drama love

does this make any sense?