Hello, I’ve posted regarding creating a self love protocol. I would write down what I adore/appreciate about myself daily. Do my SCS Work and be aware of when I wanted to beat myself up by using the urge sheet.

It feels very confusing and I know it’s because of my thought – I don’t know if this is right or I don’t know how to love myself. I try to ask if this is true and what are ways I could love myself right now or at least be kinder to myself. That’s seems to help pull me out of the confusion a bit. But my mind still wants to be totally confused about the protocol. It seems like it’s not right or I’m missing something. It also seems like I struggle to be aware of when I beat myself up. Altogether focusing on myself seems selfish.

Do I allow the confusion and move forward with one action anyway? For example – My mind is in confusion right now and that’s okay. I’m choosing to be confused right now and that’s okay.

Altogether I think I’m hesitant to start the protocol because it does seem “perfect” and if it doesn’t work, I will have wasted all that time. I try to remind myself at the same time that if I don’t take the action, it’s not going to get me anywhere either.