Love your Behind-the-Scenes – I can totally relate!!!

I loved your Behind the Scenes with Chris. I can totally relate as my husband created a business and I joined him many years ago. Therefore, we are the same as having many relationships – a couple, best friends, parents and business partners. I feel it works very well because we are good at different things and respect each other for what we are good at. I can relate with Chris because I am the behind-the-scences person and I love this part. My husband is the face of the company. I do struggle with managing my roles. I have a strong work ethic and could constantly work because it never seems to get completely done. I am the secretary, scheduler, office management, organizer, etc plus and there is always something to be done. As we have grown, I have also had to step into a role of managing office staff which I also struggle with most. It’s hard to let go of what I do or manage others doing it. I take it very seriously and don’t want mistakes, but I also don’t want anyone to feel bad. It is hard! It takes me out of my comfort zone where I enjoy to just work and be responsible for my own work. Can you lead me to any other resources to read up on to help? This SCS has helped me tremendously in many ways eventhough I joined more for the weight loss side. I continue to be in “the river of misery” because I know what I have to do but haven’t bridged over. I would love to learn more about switching the roles of running a business, being a wife and mother. I sometimes can only focus on the work that needs done that I might even use that to buffer from how I should be doing it. I love your work and how you share it. It is so inspiring and helpful!