Love Coaching Call

Brooke, I just want to touch base with you and SCS after the live coaching call last week. I did post here after the call but the words were lost in the ethers somehow. I am still at bedside staying in the hospital room with Ray. He is having some treatments. He will be airlifted on Royal Flying Doctor Service perhaps on weekend. I booked with Suzi on a short call but I couldn’t make the call. Apologies Suzi. I will book a longer session.
I am OK. Making some hard decisions, feeling anxious sometimes. Choosing love othertimes. Thank you for your compassionate coaching. I have not watched it back yet. I am not sure if I can concentrate on the work this month. That is worrying me. I feel laser focused on Ray. After 48 years of marriage and a short time with SCS I finally recognize we are separate beings doing the best we can with what we have. Oh for knowledge showing up when time is short.
Thanks for everything.
Marianne xxxxx