So in love with the future focus podcast! Amazing light-bulb moment about my hubby.

What advice would my future self give to me about listening to the Chad complain (hubby). My future self recognizes that our time together is finite and that I should be grateful for anytime we have, because you never know what the future may bring.

My future self would tell me that:
I would want to be present for every moment, I would be thankful and grateful that Chad was here with me. I would not care at all about the complaining. I would just love him. I would cherish him and every minute. That is what I want to do now, just love him, love him unconditionally. Show up as a spouse I am proud to be. Support him in his journey and be present however he needs me. I want to manage my thoughts so all I feel for him is love and support. Future me would say, it’s all good, love all of Chad, be the best spouse you can be and leave the rest.