Love, Love, Love

I just want to love myself so much. Not in a selfish way, but to live from the beauty that I am loved who I am right now. From peace that nothing ever has to change about me if I don’t want it to. I want to be able to not beat myself up and to have my own back. I’ve emailed in before as I was developing a self-protocol. In my mind, it seems overwhelming to be on the watch for self-defeating thoughts and speak kinder to myself. I haven’t been successful to follow what I’ve written out. Do I need to scale it back and really do one thing at a time?
I want to get to get to the part of me that is absolutely lovely no matter what and who lives from love, truth, and laughter.

It just seems so far away right now. I observe myself act as unimportant. I apologize for my being. It’s like I am a nuisance and I never want to bother anyone.

It’s so fascinating. I know I am choosing to create that for myself. I want to change though, because I want to move towards the future me.

How do I back out from this old version of me one step at a time?