Love, love , love


Thanks for the help about love being a neutralizer. I think I do understand it a little more, but I still needs some help. You said I can’t have the answer be negative to your question “How do you want to feel about your husband?” (my answer is nothing) And it be a different answer to your other quesiton, “How do you want to feel?” (my answer is joyful)
The thing is I do love – I love myself, my children, my friends, the people I serve, the people I work with, etc. Can’t we compartmentalize our love? In general, I’m a positive happy person. I am not coming from a place of negativity. So why can’t we decide not to love someone and it not seep into all our other relationships? Isn’t not loving someone just a boundary?
So sorry I don’t understand this yet. It seems so complicated, which I do recognize is because I’m making it so – haha! But I am genuinely trying to understand.