Love My Credit Line

I realized I love my credit line full with 25k on it. It gives me access to funds to buy anything we want. It gives me access to money in case of an emergency. It’s funded the first five months of my husband’s business. It gave us access to funds to purchase kitchen renovations, reinvention experience, lessons, and my husband’s quad. It really is amazing and I am so thankful for it and all that it’s provided AND the interest rate is so low.

Here is my new model thanks to this work.

C: 25k on credit line
T: I love my credit line
F: love
A: every time I see it I am reminded of the amazing purchases and value I received because of it. I pay it off over time, each time with so much gratitude. I don’t waste energy on shame or regret of the purchases or feeling like I’ve done something wrong. This opens up so much space for me to think about everything else in my life.
R: I create an experience where I love my credit line?

Any tips on this model would be great. Thanks!