Love or Commitment?

I was working on an intentional model for my relationship with my partner. I started by asking myself “what do I want to feel towards him?” and the answer was “Love”, I then moved on to the actions that love would fuel and the result I would get. I started with the feeling because I wasn’t sure on my thought yet… When I got my result, I saw that the thought I like is “I want to create a thriving, passionate and caring relationship with my partner”, but then I paid attention to the feeling that this thought created and it wasn’t love my rather “commitment”. I took a closer look at my model and I think commitment is truly the feeling that would fuel the actions in my model. Did I do this correctly? Is it possible to realize after working the model that the feeling you really need turns out to be different from the feeling you think you need? I’m open to all the feedback you can provide on this. Thank you!

Here is my model

C: My relationship with my partner
T: I want to create a thriving, passionate, and caring relationship with him.
F: Love (this is where I started my model) Commitment (this is the feeling the thought truly created)
A: I show affection, I encourage him, I stay away from criticism, I make love to him, I exercise patience, I empathize, I send him caring texts, I cook for him, I support him.
R: I create a thriving, passionate and caring relationship with him.