Love thy enemy


Thank you so much for your wonderful “Harvard” program, I am so excited!!

There is a concept that I am struggling with: how to deal with people that act against us.

In a previous answers to another scholar, about “unpleasant people”, you suggested these thoughts:

“She has no power over my emotions
I’m in charge of how I feel
Other people get to say whatever they want to say
I decide who I want to be in every situation.”

I understand that they get to do what they do, they may say what they want and this means nothing about me.
I send them love and compassion.
I understand that all I can do is to change my thoughts.

But I need help understanding how to act. How can I respond from a place of love and, at the same time, take measures to stop them doing some of those things?

For example, can I file a suit against them from a place of love? Can I make a statement about the lies they are saying? Or I should just don’t bother???

I guess that is the same doubt about relationships. Can you tell your husband that you love him very much, and leave him because you don’t want to put up with some of his attitudes?

Please help me 🙂