Have I ever mentioned how wonderful that programme is? After listening to both your podcasts since the very beginning, buying your books, being coached during Sandra Ramirez’s (amazing) practicum, I was full of doubt when joining self-coaching scholars. It was quite expensive to me!
Now I’m all in and I know how worth it is! I’m dropping kilos and feel SO MUCH better! I feel in charge of my destiny! Finally! I keep on reminding myself how powerful I am and it feels good! I’m unstoppable! And I’m not even done yet – I haven’t done any of May work, still focusing on my weight goal, listening to the coaching calls, the Ask Brooke Q&A and I haven’t read any of the booklets you provided. I’m learning SO MUCH thanks to all the other scholars and your answers. I’m getting slowly but surely better at accepting being uncomfortable… Imagine what my future will be like in a few months’ time! And it’s all thanks to you. Thank you!!!
Super Nan