Loved the VIP Modulethon! + a couple takeaways! #money #vip


Thank you for having the SCS VIP Modulethon, it was incredible! The community that you’ve curated is exceptional.

I’d also like to share a couple things:

1) I don’t think you need to add anything more to SCS, I know there were a plethora of ideas spoken, but honestly, I feel that what you’ve provided for such an affordable rate is MORE THAN ENOUGH. You can of course do whatever you’d like, but please know you’ve already provided us with SO much above and beyond what you promised and what we’ve paid for. I really feel like SCS scholars is at LEAST 4x more than the current monthly monetary investment.

2) On my way back home yesterday, and even today, I keep asking myself that question, “what would a person making XXXXXXXX be thinking, doing, etc?” That question is like a fine tooth comb for so many things, but especially how I think and speak… observing my thoughts and speech without judging is kind of a mind blowing thing.

I don’t think I realized how disconnected my (past) thoughts, words, and actions were to my future. I’m also reminding myself that just like people who are overweight or over drink (they didn’t gain all the weight overnight or become an over drinker in an instant)… and unlearning scarcity and practicing generosity, and abundance is the same way. And that gives me peace, as I continuously practice embodying from a knowing instead of an impatient rushing.

with love,
Melodee Forbes

I sent my clip to Rebekah and asked her to let me know if she needed anything else.