Loving Fallible Humans

How do you love fallible humans!?

I have manuals that are hard to let go of, especially when I see that other people are creating their own problems. They need to be straightened out. Like when I see coaching, I get straightened out and life is SO much better!

I also struggle to love fallible humans because I think they hurt me. They let me down. They get in the way. They aren’t interested in me. They don’t take me seriously.

I see the hypocrisy in these thoughts and that I am creating the feeling from them. Intellectually I get it… But not emotionally…I still feeling all those statements are true emotionally.

Help! I want to genuinely love and care about people WITHOUT the pain and suffering of feeling let down, used, belittled, judged, or judging, belittling, using, or letting them down. I notice I avoid connecting with others because of this.