Loving My Cousin Again

A wonderful thing just happened as I was doing my homework.

I was writing about my cousin with whom I was very close growing up. Over the last several years, we haven’t been close or even very cordial. I’ve been convinced that she doesn’t like me.

As I wrote and remembered, though, I found myself feeling so grateful for our childhood friendship. I wrote, “She was imaginative and fun.” When I wrote those words, I felt this wave of love and gratitude for her and suddenly, I GOT IT. I understood that I can like her – and do. That I’m grateful for her presence in my life. that she has made my life richer and more colorful.

And that she doesn’t have to do a single thing now to earn that love. It’s just there. She doesn’t even have to like me.

I also understood that I don’t have to do anything, either. I can just love her, feel grateful for her, and think good things about her, and that’s a great blessing.

This work is a blessing. I am lightening my load. It feels amazing!

PS – I really see that the writing is so important. Just thinking alone hasn’t yielded the same revelations and results. But when I wrote those words about her, it was amazing to feel everything shift into a new understanding immediately. I’m a believer. 🙂