Loving my job – part 2

Hi Brooke

Thanks for answering my question on trying to like/love my current job. In your answer, you stated:
“the job just isn’t the right fit and drains my energy as it isn’t not aligned with my values or skill set” is a thought. It’s optional.

How do I know this is optional and not a fact? Is it not true that some things just AREN’T your skill set? Or aren’t aligned with your values? I mean I can’t think my way into being an engineer if I don’t have those skills (I work in health care so do not have skills to be an engineer).

I just recently watched your “How to Feel Better” workshop and in Module 5 – you mentioned how your “skillset is not managing people” and this can leave you “feeling depleted” after doing so. So is this just a thought for you or is this a fact?

I am having trouble reconciling that if when I think, “this job is not aligned with my values or skill set” – that this is just a thought I can change then I should be able to change it. But how do you change your skillset with a thought?

I really want to understand all this work so that is why I am asking for clarification – really trying to own that my thoughts can cause all my feelings but somehow still getting stuck…

Thanks for all your work, it is amazing!