Loving my job

Hi Brooke
I understand that we can show up fully as who we are in a job we don’t like. I understand that a job doesn’t bring us happiness. But what if a job just isn’t the right fit and drains my energy as it isn’t not aligned with my values or skill set? I have heard you say to learn to learn to show up fully or learn to like something by changing your thoughts and then decide to leave it because you want to. I already know I want to leave this job at some point (when I find a better opportunity) so why do I have to try to convince myself I like it. I can appreciate aspects of it (benefits, flexibility) but over all I just know it’s not what I was meant to do.

In one podcast you said you didn’t like taking your kids to birthday parties so you didn’t. But you didn’t have to go and make yourself love doing this task before deciding you didn’t want to do this (or maybe you did???).

How and why do I have to change my thoughts to like a job if I just don’t? Kinda of confused on this concept I guess or maybe I’m not understanding it correctly.