Loving My Unintentional Models…

I’ve noticed that I tend to do models to stop feeling bad. “Hmmm… I feel crappy. Let’s see why and get to a new model as soon as possible.” And that’s been my thinking. “The purpose of a model to is ESCAPE the crappy and GET the happy!”

But just recently – I’ve been letting myself really question my Unintentional Models. I’ve looked at my thoughts and asked myself why I keep thinking these thoughts – and it’s fascinating that I’m finding that my brain often thinks there will be a “positive” outcome from seemingly “negative” thoughts. Underneath so many thoughts causing worry, anxiety, and self-loathing is my brain’s intention to do better, be more accepted, feel less judged, be more alert and focused, be happier, etc.

Now that I’m digging into my current models … my unintentional models … I’m really starting to understand and have compassion for myself. I’m now seeing models as more of a way to understand myself than to escape myself. I now feel less urgency to escape the current model – and much more fascination and curiosity about the current model and why my brain think it’s so important. When I slow down and really look at my experience now … my “Now Model”… it helps me connect with me instead of rejecting me – and that’s been so powerful as I go deeper into this work. Just when I think I know the model, another world of understanding opens up (and then another… and another… and another…).

Just a quick share that I thought might have value to someone else. 🙂