Loving this month of passion, purpose and vision

In 2011 I noticed that my consulting clients who were successful had oodles of passion, purpose and vision, and likewise noticed that was how I showed up in my life and work, so I had finally articulated my purpose.

“I live and work with passion, purpose and vision and inspire others to do the same.”

Fast forward to this month and I see how brainstorming against my purpose every day, doing a thought download, and really apply it to frustrations and achievements in all aspects of my life and work is really game changing.

I have recently changed my business model: I’ve gone from coaching & digital courses back to consulting so I can work more deeply over the longer term with 1 or 2 clients to help them to manifest their passion, purpose and vision as an organisation.

I was feeling frustrated with my new client:
// they are a startup so accept lower remuneration to help them get started – was feeling underpaid & that really frustrated me
// their main client who I work with directly is unpassionate, unpurposeful, unvisionary

Yet doing the daily work made me realise:
// There is so much scope for me at this company. They love me so far so the sky is the limit as they grow. And what I invest now will help me within this role as well as with other clients. Showing up with PPV just makes me better and better; and makes them love me more. It’s win:win.
// Who better than me to show up with passion, purpose and vision and inspire their client to do the same. And even if they don’t, who cares?! I get to BE passionate purposeful and visionary every single day. That feels so good. And I’m loving the work.

So… YEAH…loving this month. 😍
Thank you.