Loving yourself fiercely

How do you know if something you love about yourself is something you actually love about yourself or if it’s really just what other people like about you? How do you tell the difference? Many of the things I think I like about myself are also things that other people like about me. How do I own the things I think I like about myself?

I love about myself:
I think that I am good looking and have a nice figure.
I think that I am really intelligent and I appreciate my eloquence.
I think that I am very brave.
I think that I am very resourceful.
I like that I can pick up new talents or skills.
I like that I enjoy puns.
I like that I am a psychiatric nurse
I like that I volunteer as a support group facilitator

How do I appreciate myself more? How do I find more things that I enjoy about myself? How do I develop fierce love for myself that doesn’t waver when I’m in challenging situations or tempted to dislike myself?