Lovingly Embracing Me

I don’t remember things as well as I’d like. I’m often writing things down and taking notes so that I can go back and see what it is that I heard. Yesterday evening I wanted my spouse to remind me what I heard him say earlier in the day. I wanted to remember exactly what he said because it was kind. I repeated what I thought it was and asked him if that is what he had said. His response with frustration was “That is not what I said”. And then I was frustrated for not getting it “right”.

Although it is something that I’d like to be better at, I am done with beating myself up about it. I’m seeing more clearly that my thoughts of not enough are continuing to create not just the feeling of frustration but also the horrible feeling of shame.

Will you please help me with some new thoughts to practice? Thoughts to lovingly embrace me just as I am at this moment. And every moment.❤️

Thank you.