Low energy after shift


When I returned home from a work shift yesterday, I had very low energy. And so began my quest for a reason. πŸ˜‰

C – (sensing) low energy after work
T – I must find the emotional cause for this!
F – tense
A – self-coaching like crazy, just focusing on finding a cause, not taking a break
R – lost more energy, felt even weaker

C – (sensing) low energy after work
T – My body spent energy on work – that’s what I feel right now.
F – understanding
A – self-coaching just as long as it helps and I gain insight, giving body a break (nap), relaxing
R – allowed sensation to be there, took break

I guess my question is, if β€”according to the modelβ€” it’s always a thought causing something I feel. Or if it’s possible that my body was just tired and I can make it worse or better by my thinking and feeling?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!