Low mood

Hi coaches. I’m struggling at the moment. Since last week my mood has plummeted. I wouldn’t say I have depression, not consistenly. In many ways my life is good. But at the moment it all feels like a it’s piling up.

I decided to do an ‘open’ model in that I would start for my intense feeling of gloominess and go from there. I came up with many thoughts & also many circumstances. I was unsure about the result but the actions are quite clear and seem linked with all these thoughts & circumstances

Can you help me take this model further? Not quite know where to start & feeling exhausted. Here it today’s model:

Model on Unintentional Thought
C: (“What are the facts about this situation?”)
Three days before Christmas
Lack of clarity about covid in the UK (and repercussions) moving forward
Son’s relatively low school report last friday
Spending hours doing screentime / not reading and playing piano in recent days
Gained 2 kgs
Son had medical procedure last week
T: (“What am I thinking that is causing me to feel this way?”)
I’m thinking a number of things at the moment
Everything is going to shit
I constantly fail
I’m failing as a mum
I don’t read or play the piano
I am overeating & putting on weight
Covid is going up and we may go into lockdown
My home is untidy
F: low / gloomy
A: further buffer
mainly doom-scroll (on phone / news) twitter etc
low energy staying in bed, doing the essentials at work
not planning week (this week)
not engaging in walking, piano, reading
not looking after myself properly
overeating sometimes (not follow plan, eat beyond hunger)
snap at husband or others
overwork but in a buffering sort of way
R: ??