Lowering the Desire


I really love your concept that weight struggle is a gift and an opportunity to step into the next version of yourself. Weight struggle gives you a chance to learn how to lower your desire for one aspect (overeating, overdrinking, binging in my case) and increase your desire for other things ( being more connected to the present moment or building a million dollar company in my case).

What is the process you use for lowering your desire? I have been journaling for 15 minutes daily ( I have a timer on my desk just for that) on how binging is just not relevant to me anymore, how I feel about it the same way as I feel about “that guy, whose IG I used to check 4 times an hour” or “the cigarettes”. I think this has been the key to my weight struggle, but I was wondering if there is MORE?

Is there a visualization exercise/practice you can recommend? Is there an EFT script that could work?

What did you do to lower your desire for Chardonnay? Was it just pure thought work?