[Lucy] commitment to self

Oh Brooke! As I’m studying The How to Feel Better course, I finally have a new understanding of the connection between LoA, alignment, and the work here!

When we decide ahead of time, and follow through our commitments to ourselves no matter what, we trust ourselves, we build confidence. When we plan on something, we then know it’s as good as it’s done.

This is exactly what the alignment, the visualisations of desired future, to be happy to have it before you have it, or ask and it’s yours, that kind of thing! To vibrate at the energy level of already having it before you have it.

When we trust ourselves to always deliver ourselves what we put down on the plan, making the plan means we already vibrate at the level of having done it. We bring ourselves to alignment through honouring ourselves!

I’m not sure if I’m making sense. But I feel it’s a profound understanding for myself personally! Thank you!!!! This is a huge motivating factor for me to always honor my commitment to myself now!