Lunch with a journalist

Hi! I had a lunch with a man I’ve met through work. He is a journalist and I am an author. I’m impressed by him. I’ve talked to him about my current writing project which is about thought work. I really put myself down when I talk about this project. I have a lot of insecurities, doubt, and resistance. I was really honest with him but it seemed to me I was really negative and didn’t talk well about me and my project.
Now I think that he thinks I’m stupid, ridiculous, that what I do doesn’t have value, that I am lost, that I am going astray in this direction.

C Lunch with a journalist
T He thinks I’m going astray with my project
F shame
A ruminate about what I’ve said, judge myself, judge my project, put myself down, judge what I have said, accuse him for feeling bad during the conversation, compare him with another guy, compare this conversation with another conversation
R I’m going astray with a loop of thoughts which is a waste of time and energy

C Lunch with a journalist
T I’m choosing this subject because I’m 100% interested by it
E passionate
A Imagine my future self embodying this project, talk with passion about it, make a list of what interests me in this project, see the evidence that I’m passionate about it, see the good it brings to my life
R I allow myself to be proud of my choice

I guess the problem is not what he thinks, but what I think about my project. I don’t want to have this resistance, those doubts and this shame about my project. It doesn’t serve me. But it’s here!  Thank you for your feedback!