Lying Friend

C: friend said she wanted to see me. The day she was supposed to see me she did not call or answer my texts. The next day she text me with a reason. I found out later from a social media post that the reason she gave me was false.
T: dont tell me you want to see me, blow me off off, and then lie
F: anger and hurt
A: ruminate, stew, look back over text messages to see if i misunderstood, look back on times this occurred previously
R: more hurt feelings

I understand that i am hurting my own feelings. I know my thoughts are causing my feelings. I want to keep all of the humans but i dont like being lied to. A confrontation would just create drama. I am stuck on the fact that she wanted to see me and told me she missed me only to blow me off.

Im trying to take 100% responsibility for how im showing uo, but i dont see what i did wrong here.