Been married to my husband for 15 years and have known him (dated) a total of 25. He’s a good man. He also tells white lies. Saw an email he sent his internship supervisor saying “sorry I had to leave (when he was scheduled to leave at that time) at 8pm. I had been gone since 6 am and had to get home to help put our son to bed.” This wasn’t true. He wasn’t gone since 6 am and he didn’t come home in order to help put our son to bed.

When he’s in an open / conscious space, he has thought about the topic of why does he sometimes lie when it would be just as easy to tell the truth. (His words). He has said it came from a way to get attention as a kid.

This used to make me CRAZY. . . the white lies. I’m shocked how I’ve been able to handle it this time. I’m seeing it as another thing my brain would like me to get pissed off about. Instead, I’m just going about enjoying my life and not being bothered. I’ve talked to him A LOT about the lying in the past because I’ve been concerned that he’s telling me lies too. This time, I was thinking of saying to him really lovingly something along the lines of “You are an amazing person and you are good enough to not have to make up any sort of excuse for yourself.”

I’m trying to figure out if I should say this or just fucking let it go!!

Thanks for your help 🙂