MA quit

C- my medical assistant gave her two weeks notice
T 1. This means I can’t join the coaching program that I was so excited about.
2. My life will go back to chaos
F panic
R chaos

Last year my MA quit. I was sick and pregnant. My husband had emergency surgery and contemplated suicide. I struggled and pushed myself to run the business on my own to exhaustion. Got Covid. Emergency c section. Wasn’t allowed to see my baby. It was chaos last time my MA quit. Yes, I’m the hero of that story but I don’t want to have to be a hero again. I feel like I’ve been non stop-pushing myself my whole life and I just want to be ok for a min.

Ever since I joined Scholars two years ago, I wanted to be a life coach and planned to do it eventually but wanted to make the money to do it with my new business first. I haven’t reached my business goals but revenue is almost 30k per mo. At least 50% are expenses at this point. I finally am not pregnant. My son is healthy. I have a MA that knows what she’s doing and I’ve been focusing on expanding the business. I don’t have any extra time but when the new life coach program came up this seemed perfect. I’d have to commit time this month but then could go as fast or slow as I needed to to get the rest done. I’ve never been more excited and haven’t felt much joy over the past year and this created joy. Well, I know my thoughts did. But I’ve been trying to create joy and failing over the past year and this joy was easy. Now trying to imagine running the business on my own or being in the process of either hiring or training adding life coach training on top feels like too much. And it feels like I would be intentionally choosing chaos and making it so hard on myself. But it makes me so sad to give up this dream for now. Even though I know I could do it another time.